Annual Report


Fund Chairman's Report

 Fund Chairman's Report for the 2016 Financial Year

Conservation and Empowerment Fund Chairman’s Report


This has been a long year with many challenges. The more time I spent with the various fund projects this year, the more I became aware of the incredible cry for help in our country. We have so much to be thankful for!

Projects 2016

  1. Dr Kevin Robertson contacted me about lending financial assistance to a student attending the SAWC. After serious deliberation, the directors of the Fund approved a grant to help Jason Kleyn with 50% of the fees for 2016. I subsequently spoke with Dr Robertson and it sounds like Jason is doing very well!
  2. Partners for Possibility: In 2016, we closed off our involvement with the JJ de Jong Primary school in Atteridgeville with the installation of a computer with internet connection in their library.
  3. Hartbeespoort Centre for Brain-damaged Children: The Fund made a donation from funds that an individual donor had specifically earmarked for children.
  4. Boere in Nood: A donation of R10 000 was made to help the association with fuel costs of delivering feed to drought-stricken areas.
  5. CITES CoP17: As you know, South Africa hosted this event during 2016 and we considered it vitally important that PHASA have an information booth. The Fund made a large contribution towards the expenses for this event.
  6. A Conservationist’s Cry: A special thank you to Marianna for this highly successful project. Under her guidance, this video was made with the help of Ivan Carter, for distribution at the CITES convention. About 1 200 copies were handed out. Since then, it has gone viral on social media.
  7. 2016 Online Auction: R78 000 was raised in 2016, which is R30 000 less than last year. This is a concern. The feedback I received does not paint a bright picture for the future of this project. Reasons given for the low participation were difficulties with registration and “pure forgetfulness”. I think it is time we looked at the resurrection of the Conservation and Empowerment Fund’s Gala Dinner.
  8. Antjie Krog Trust: Maryna Serfontein approached the Fund about a possible partnership in raising some funds for the Spitskop Special Needs School in Thabazimbi. In September, an event was held in Pretoria with various prominent guests attending, such as Wynand Claassen. We were gratified by the great generosity shown, and a good amount was raised to help this school with its many challenges.
  9. Transformation consultant: As you know, one of the Fund’s important tasks is to help with the transformation process in our industry. As this is such a sensitive and specialised endeavour, the Fund directors decided to appoint a transformation consultant to help us. Fresh Mija was appointed on a three-month trial basis. During this time, Fresh Mija drafted a proposal to apply for a grant of R10 million from the National Lottery Commission. If the application is successful, the grant will be used to fund a project, also developed by Mija Fresh, called Rural-based Enterprise Empowerment and Jobs Creation Programme — A Business Linkages Model for Communities in Wildlife Industry. This will be a two-year programme that will involve people from all nine provinces.
  10. Conservation Force: Every year, the Fund approves a grant to Conservation Force in support of the great work being done by John Jackson and his team.
  11. Dallas Frontline Foundation: The support of this initiative started in 2014 and we see it as vitally important to continue.
  12. Conservation Research Fund: After the dilemma with the non-allocation of leopard permits for 2016, this new initiative was started, in partnership with LHLF, SAWC, PHASA, WRSA and SAPA. This is truly a wonderful example of joining forces for the greater good of our industry. This fund will be having a very important meeting on 7 November 2016 to finalise some details, so I hope to give a more comprehensive report about this at the AGM.
  13. Hunters Care: Thank you to each and every one of you who became involved this year. Our website is starting to take shape and I believe the message of the true value of sustainable utilisation is getting across to the public.


We wish to re-emphasise the principles that the Fund stands for, as well as the procedures for obtaining sponsorships/funding.

The Fund is a non-profit company registered with the SA Revenue Services (SARS) as a Public Benefit Organisation with the power to issue Section 18A certificates (tax-deductible donations) with the following objectives:

  • To raise and grow funds to produce an income to promote objectives
  • To promote and secure the future of professional hunting
  • To provide logistical and financial support to PHASA
  • To promote, support and advance:
  • the wise and sustainable use of wildlife resources through professional hunting
  • biodiversity conservation
  • Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment in the professional hunting and wildlife industries
    • education and training in matters relating to professional hunting and biodiversity conservation
  • To support, commission, initiate, manage and/or fund research and projects relating to the objectives
  • To render services to the cause of professional hunting and professional hunters, with the object of enhancing standards.

The following requirements must be met for the Fund to consider applications for sponsorship or funding of projects:

  • Applications must be in writing, fully motivated and supported by relevant supplementary documentation
  • The applicant should provide full particulars of himself and the nature, intended purpose and objective of the project, as well as an explanation of how the project will fulfil the main business and objectives of the Fund
  • An explanation should be given of the kind of recognition the Fund can expect to receive as a result of the funding
  • An indication should be given of any co-sponsors
  • A description should be given of the financial control mechanisms, and the particulars provided to the Board.

Finally, after receipt of the application, the PHASA office will verify it and assist the applicant with preparing a final proposal. The Board will, in due time, consider all applications and make a final decision on the outcome.


The Fund is a SARS-registered Public Benefit Organisation with the authorisation to issue a tax certificate to the executor of a donor’s will, which will ensure an estate duty benefit. Over and above the tax benefit, a bequest also holds the philanthropic benefit to donors of knowing that they have contributed to a cause close to their hearts.

New Projects

  1. Voluntary contribution booklet: After seeing a decline in the voluntary contributions from our members this year, we started asking some questions. The general feeling was that most members had purely forgotten to collect and pay over the voluntary contributions. I am always asked the question, “What does the Fund do for me as a member?” Well, have you ever asked yourself what you are doing for your fellowman? The Fund plays an integral role in supporting PHASA and our communities, and we need funding to do so. So, as from this year, we are bringing back the booklets. These may be purchased from the office at R1 500 per booklet, which contains 30 certificates that you as an Outfitter or PH can then, in turn, give to the clients that contribute.
  2. Members’ support initiative: As the theme this year is “Back to Basics”, we reflected on why the Fund was started in the first place, and decided that we needed to start doing more for our members. We are currently looking at various products that may be obtained through your PHASA membership. We also want you, the members, to become involved, to help us formulate criteria for assessing when a member is eligible for members’ support. So, please let us know of any ideas you may have.


Please see attached report of the independent Auditors.


To all of you who have so generously supported the Fund this year — a big thank you!




  • Francis of Assisi

I pray for a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year for you all!

Johann Combrink
Fund Chairman