Disciplinary Code


PHASA Disciplinary Code

Every member of the Association shall be bound by the Constitution and the By-laws of the Association.

No member of the Association shall by act or omission, contravene any provisions of the Constitution or the By-laws of the Association or do anything which is calculated or likely to discredit the Association or bring it into disrepute.

No member of the Association shall state, advertise or in any way suggest that such member belongs to any different category of membership of the Association, except the one which has been bestowed on such member.

No member shall breach and/or contravene any provision of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996, a National Act or Provincial Act of the Republic of South Africa or any Regulations promulgated there under, or any Provincial Ordinance, where such breach and/or contravention is relevant to any of the objects of the Association, as stated above.

No member shall provide any service whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly, whether for reward or not, to any person desiring or requesting the services of a professional hunter or hunting outfitter whom the Exco shall have declared to be undeserving of the assistance of a member of the Association. The Exco shall, whenever any person has been declared by it to be undeserving of the services of a member, advise every member of the Association forthwith of such declaration.

Any member whose membership is suspended or terminated due to disciplinary action shall immediately upon such suspension or termination deliver and surrender to the Association all badges, notices, publications and other insignia indicative to the public of his membership of the Association. Such member shall also forfeit to the Association all monies paid by him to the Association.\

Contact the PHASA Office to obtain the procedure in lodging complaints: CONTACT